Culver Tree and Trash was established in 1987 and offers a great many services in addition to tree trimming. Some of the other services provided are tree removal, junk removal, stump and root removal, demolition and a myriad of yard care services.

The owner of Culver Tree and Trash, former 2 time Golden Gloves champion and currently Timekeeper for the Boxing Commission, John Liechty, has lived and worked out of Culver City, California since 1961. In 1977, John opened a gardening business and prospered until in 1987, he started his tree trimming business.

Mr. Liechty was a member of the Culver City J.C. from 1978 - 1980. He is very active in community events and involves himself in several planning committees. His business is a small one, which is the way he wants it. He employs 4 regular workers and himself. He works to keep costs down and because of his love of trees and landscaping.

Culver Tree and Trash is a fully insured Demolition and Hauling Service in Los Angeles, providing dependable and quality trash hauling services. If you would like references, John will provide them upon request.

Culver Tree and Trash places customer satisfaction above all else. After all, most of John's loyal customers have been with him for many, many years. John Liechty is not just a business owner, he is a friend people go to when they need advice and help. What higher respect can a community give one of it's members?

In closing, We hope we can be of service to you. Even if you don't have a need for any of our services, give us a call. If you'd just like to call and talk trees or boxing, John would love to hear from you. Hope to hear from you soon.

Drawing of tree used as site graphics
Photograph of John Liechty, owner of Culver Tree and Trash Photograph of John Liechty and Emmanuel Stewart