Los Angeles Junk Removal

Culver Tree and Trash also provides a wide variety of professional Junk Removal services in Culver City and surrounding area's in Los Angeles. We are a fully insured Trash Hauling Company and we'll literally remove any junk or trash you have including;

  1. cement
  2. tree stumps
  3. large rocks
  4. dirt
  5. lumber
  6. appliances
  7. furniture
  8. computers
  9. printers
  10. monitor recycling
  11. and anything else you may have.

Paint and other toxic materials

We'll also remove toxic materials and other chemicals from your property and either dispose of them or recycle them safely, and we'll never leave a mess. We'll leave your property nice and tidy. Whatever your trash hauling needs, and whatever junk you need removed, we'll find an inexpensive solution for you.

Culver Tree and Trash has been providing junk removal and trash hauling for residential, construction and commercial locations in Los Angeles since 1987. Although our base of operations is Culver City, we serve all of the greater Los Angeles area. If you need your junk or trash hauled, give us a call. We'll give you a free estimate and quote over the phone. You can also contact us for demolition or yard care services.

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